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"Respect, Loyalty, Dicipline, Honour"

Fabio Coringa Nunes


Fabio "Coringa" Nunes

5th Degree Black Belt

Born in Rio De Janeiro, the birthplace of Jiu-Jitsu in 1975. At the age of 8, Fabio started Jiu-Jitsu and at the age of 23 he graduated as black belt.

Nicknamed "Coringa", Fabio was Ralph Gracie's student until he received his blue belt. Ralph Gracie later moved to America to promote Jiu-Jitsu,  another family member "Royler Gracie" soon took over the academy thus becoming his new coach and instructor together with Saulo Ribeiro and Arthur Cartiart.


Closer to obtaining his brown belt, Fabio began studying Physical Education at the famous GAMA FILHO UNIVERSITY in Rio de Janeiro which later became known to the world as GFTeam.


There Fabio was offered a sponsorship by the university in 1995 where he met Julio Cesar and Marcus Bello who then became great friends and his masters who still remain in touch after so many decades.


At the age of 23 Fabio received his black belt and in 2000 he helped set up the first International GFTeam branch in Boston, 9 years later Fabio decided to migrate here to Perth Australia.


In a short time while settling down in Australia he built one of the biggest and best teams in the country, coaching many national, international champions in Jiu-Jitsu and the MMA.


In 2016 Fabio "Coringa" was appointed director of AFBJJ  where he still organizes the biggest and most important competition in the state thus changing  and shaping the sport in Australia.

In addition to being the highest black belt in Perth, he holds a brown belt in judo and  he also has a degree in Physical Education from Gamma Filho University.


Few Reasons to Join our  team!

It is often said in the BJJ Community that BJJ is a lifestyle, that is exactly what we beleive in.

A lifestyle not only in the martial art / sport but in a environment surrounded by family and friends

A journey which you may begin at any stage of your life, where you will be rewarded many benefits besides being part of an amazing group of friends.

Here they will push you to achieve you absolute best in the most friendly environment....








What our members say...

"100% Proud to be part of the CORINGA Family "

Stephen Pimlott

May 30 at 2:20pm - Facebook

"A great crew , I can’t wait to get back on the mats !"

Dylan Hawkey

May 11 at 4:29pm - Facebook

"A true gentleman and awesome coach!!!!"

Frank Timmons

March 15 - Facebook


Fabio "Coringa" Andrade



Unit 4 - 76 Berriman Drive

Wangara, WA 6065

Tel: 0430 616 954

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